Peter Millar, Coaching for Literacy, and the Impact on Literacy Nationwide

Memphis, TN (3.5. 2018) – Success in golf is all about fundamentals. Hours of repetition and practice ensure that a swing holds true during the most trying moments.

To have a shot at success in life, children must master the fundamental skill of reading. Hours of repetition and practice and, eventually, a child learns to read.

Unfortunately,  two out of three American third graders are reading below grade-level. Peter Millar is partnering with Coaching for Literacy to change this statistic.


The North Carolina-based lifestyle and apparel company is a valuable teammate in Coaching for Literacy’s nationwide two-fold mission: raising awareness about the issue of illiteracy and generating financial support for effective literacy programs.

UVA Cavs_Green Tie 1.jpg

As college basketball nears March Madness, fans may have noticed the color green courtside. During the 2017-2018 season, more than 40 NCAA programs have hosted Coaching for Literacy’s Fight for Literacy Games. In the effort to raise awareness about the issue of illiteracy, the coaching staffs wear CFL’s Green for Literacy awareness kit, showcasing a green tie provided by Peter Millar as well as a green lapel pin and wrist band.

“We are making the color green a national symbol for literacy,” said Trey Carroll, director of marketing for Coaching for Literacy. “When people see green ties on their favorite team’s coaching staff, we want them to ask ‘why’, which will hopefully lead them to an awareness about the issues connected with illiteracy. We are so grateful to have an incredible brand like Peter Millar making these ties.”


In November, finding the right gift for friends or family for Christmas can be the top of a priority list. During this time, Peter Millar launched a campaign to give, not just receive.

The North Carolina-based lifestyle and apparel company donated a percentage of all online sales to support the Coaching for Literacy’s nationwide Fight for Literacy.

Peter Millar’s generous offer allowed customers to make a direct impact on the community while shopping for the holidays.

Ultimately, the dollars generated from the campaign ended up with five literacy programs nationwide. They include:

  • Readers2Leaders (Dallas, Texas)

  • Book’em (Nashville, Tennessee)

  • PS328 (New York City, New York)

  • Book Harvest (Durham, North Carolina)

  • Get Georgia Reading Campaign (Atlanta, Georgia)

“Peter Millar is proud to support the millions of young students nationwide struggling with illiteracy,” said Millie Graham, chief marketing officer at Peter Millar. “This partnership with Coaching for Literacy gives us the opportunity to generate critical awareness about the issue of illiteracy while providing assistance to effective literacy programs throughout major cities in America.”


Funds allocated to literacy organizations will provide thousands of kids the opportunity to gain the important skill of literacy.

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“As children transition from the third to fourth grade, they must have the ability to read so that they can learn,” said Melissa Spradlin, executive director of Book’em in Nashville, Tennessee. “This is why we must work together as a society to improve reading at grade-level prior to fourth grade.”

The literacy programs supported through the initiative focus on literacy intervention with students third grade and below. With the funds received, these programs plan to support children struggling with literacy in one of three ways: new books and materials, assisted reading programs, or summer intervention reading camps.

“The main objective of this campaign and partnership with Peter Millar was to increase awareness around the issues connected to illiteracy in America,” said Ryan Viner, the executive director of Coaching for Literacy. “We want to make the Fight for Literacy America’s fight, and with the incredible, globally recognized brand Peter Millar, we moved a step closer to this.”


Thanks to the support of sports teams and generous donors, Coaching for Literacy has funded over 50 literacy projects across 20 communities in 11 states directly impacting 8,000 children.

The mission of Coaching for Literacy is to use the power of sports to raise awareness about the problem of illiteracy and generate financial support for literacy programs nationwide.

“We want to be for literacy what the pink ribbon is for breast cancer,” said John Wilfong, chairman of Coaching for Literacy’s board of directors. “To truly move the needle on illiteracy, we need more Americans aware of the problem.”

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Founded in 2001, Peter Millar is one of today’s fastest growing and most sought after brands in the lifestyle apparel market. Peter Millar’s products range from their original signature cashmere sweater to a wide range of casual and formal wear.

Currently, Peter Millar’s design headquarters is located in Raleigh, NC while the business operations center is stationed in Durham, NC. Peter Millar is a global company, distributing their clothing over four continents.

For more information about Peter Millar please visit their website

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