Everybody Wins!DC promotes the love of learning through shared reading

To see a child feel empowered and excited to read is the goal of any parent, teacher or mentor. Everybody Wins!DC (EW!DC) exists to promote this love of learning through shared reading experiences and Coaching for Literacy is honored to partner in their endeavor.


Because of the generous gift of over $5,000 from CFL’s donors, EW!DC sent 25 students to its Power Lunch Program. This program gave each child a one-on-one relationship with a Reading Mentor and a total of 150 brand new books.

First grader, Noah, who participated in the Power Lunch Program said: “When I read, I learn and grow– you know, like Jack and the Beanstalk – and that’s really big!”

During the 2015-2016 school year, EW!DC operated the Power Lunch and StoryTime programs in over 39 low-income public elementary schools, enriching the lives of more than 6,000 children in underserved communities throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area.

With the support from organizations like Coaching for Literacy, EW!DC was able to maintain its programs and donate 12,165 new books to students to add to their home libraries. A total of 1,190 adult professionals served as Reading Mentors, volunteering to read with the student during the lunch and recess hour once a week for a total of 18,383 hours served! Additionally, EW!DC students learned 3,979 new words and read 13,425 books.

During a recent Power Lunch Celebration, the Information Specialist of Savoy Elementary, Ms. James, delivered a speech expressing her appreciation and overall impression of the EW!DC organization. “Mentors break down walls one brick at a time. You provide a positive light for our children and pose as an inspiration for the possibilities. You help students to see their own potential."


The mission of EW!DC is to pair students with Reading Mentors and this one-on-one relationship encourages students to establish a love of reading and learning, as well as foster a stronger sense of self-esteem. The ideas behind the mission remain simple and straightforward and bring about profound change in the lives of the students served. EW!DC unyieldingly believes that if you expose children to literature, give them a positive role model and inspire them to read, you will make a difference in their lives.

Coaching for Literacy’s collaboration with Everybody Wins! DC would not be possible without the support from generous donors. Together we can make a difference in the nationwide Fight for Literacy.