Public Relations Content

We provide the content for you to score big in your community!


Press Release

Tell your fans how you are helping children in your community! CFL provides content for your team to approve and publish.

TV & Radio Broadcast

We provide a fact sheet and quick hits so your broadcast team and radio personnel can let fans know how to get involved.


Let your fan base know about your partnership in a CFL Fight for Literacy Game through provided PA samples. 

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Social Media

Create great engagement for your brand by utilizing our ready-made social media templates. 

Additional Resources


Your team's brand can make a huge difference in the future of your community. Please review our Public Relations Overview for a synopsis on how we plan to share our partnerhip together. To see some examples of our awareness effort refer to our News Page.


Need some graphics to let your fans know about our partnership? Please refer to our Fight for Literacy Graphics Folder


Please refer to Our Assets for literacy program images and Coaching for Literacy logos.


Coaching for Literacy is fully compliant with every NCAA stipulation connected to our activities. Learn more about our NCAA Compliance Policy.


We respect your brand, time, and staff. With this in mind, here is our promise to you:

  • Impact Promise - 100% of the funds your fans raise remain in your community. Learn more about how we allocate funds by reviewing our Impact Promise.
  • We Honor Your Time - We know your main focus is to win games so we promise to be easy to work with.
  • Your Brand, Your Team - Your brand makes a big impact in the Fight for Literacy and we promise to only publicize your connection with our work with your permission.
  • We Are Coachable - We always want to improve so please let us know what we can do better.
  • NCAA Compliant - We are compliant with every NCAA bylaw concerning our effort.
  • Start a Movement - With help from influencers like you, we will start a movement for a brighter future.


100% of the funds your fans raise will stay in your community. Learn more about how we raise funds for literacy work in your community: Fundraising FAQ.


CFL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit making a difference in the Fight for Literacy nationwide. We seek to be as transparent and forthright as possible. Please review our FAQ Page if you have any questions and feel free to contact us if you have additional inquiries.