Impact Promise

We promise to allocate funds in a responsible and transparent fashion. Our explanation of how we allocate funds received is below:

  • General Public Donations: 100% of all funds raised by the general public will be allocated toward effective local literacy program partners.
  • Corporate Sponsorships: Funds given for the purpose of corporate sponsorships will be applied as follows: 75% will be allocated toward media investment, 20% will be retained by Coaching for Literacy and 5% will be directed to our literacy partners.
  • Cause Marketing Campaigns: Funds given by corporate partners in cause marketing campaigns will be applied as follows: 60% will be directed to our literacy partners and 40% will be retained by Coaching for Literacy.
  • Profit Share: At the end of each fiscal year we will share the profit we generate at the following levels: 75% to our literacy program partners and 25% to Coaching for Literacy.
  • Outside Review: We commit to publishing an annual, external financial review and audit that can be accessed on our Financials page. 

* Above Impact Promise is active as of 8/1/2017

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To support our Impact Promise we count on like-minded business people and philanthropists to fund our operating cost on a regular basis. 

Other Funding

We work with Foundations and Corporate Partners to advance our mission. Their support enables us to advance the work of Coaching for Literacy nationwide.

Corporate Sponsorships

We collaborate to create mutual benefit to support efforts in the Fight for Literacy. We partner with organizations for matching programs, public campaigns, employee engagement and other fundraising ideas supporting each business' goals.

Get Your Company Involved


A list of the foundations who have supported our work: The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, The WiseHeart Foundation, Dollar General Foundation, Jay Martin Family Foundation and Rick & Karen Rodell Foundation. 

Foundation Support