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fight for literacy games


fight for literacy games

A Trusted Partner

Coaching for Literacy has conducted 75 Fight for Literacy Games with 37 NCAA partners. Thanks to the support of our partner NCAA coaching staffs and teams we have funded 50 literacy projects in 20 communities and directly supported more than 8,000 kids.

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The Gameplan

The Gameplan

How It Works

  1. Pick One Game - Partner athletic program picks one date to host Fight for Literacy Game
  2. Invite Visiting Team - The visiting team is invited to join the effort
  3. Wear Green - Coaching staff wears provided Fight for Literacy Green cause awareness kit 
  4. Blow The Whistle - Sports information team utilizes their platform to raise cause awareness
  5. Fight for Literacy - Fans are invited to pledge a donation (100% stay in your community) for each assist your team makes for 4 games, beginning with the awareness game
  6. Lead and Read - Coaching staff and players visit local literacy partner



A Team Effort

We take care of all the details and you make the impact.


Coaching for Literacy is fully compliant with every NCAA stipulation connected to our activities. Learn more about our NCAA Compliance Policy.


100% of the funds your fans raise will stay in your community. Learn more about how we raise funds for literacy work in your community: Fundraising FAQ.


Your team's brand can make a huge difference in the Fight for Literacy. Please review our Public Relations Content page for more information. To see some examples of our awareness effort refer to our News Page.


We respect your brand, time, and staff. With this in mind, here is our promise to you:

  1. Impact Promise - 100% of the funds your fans raise remain in your community. Learn more about how we allocate funds by reviewing our Impact Promise.
  2. We Honor Your Time - We know your main focus is to win games so we promise to be easy to work with.
  3. Your Brand, Your Team - Your brand makes a big impact in the Fight for Literacy and we promise to only publicize your connection with our work with your permission.
  4. We Are Coachable - We always want to improve so please let us know what we can do better.
  5. NCAA Compliant - We are compliant with every NCAA bylaw concerning our effort.
  6. Start a Movement - With help from influencers like you, we will start a movement for a brighter future.


CFL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit making a difference in the Fight for Literacy nationwide. We seek to be as transparent and forthright as possible. Please review our FAQ Page if you have any questions and feel free to contact us if you have additional inquiries.